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Soft tissue disorders are a major cause of work impairment/absence and due to irregular and unnatural posture and motions of the body, by repeated misuse eg sitting at computers for a prolonged period……can lead to serious misalignment of the skeletal structure……also involving the nerves, tendons, muscles and supporting structures of the body.

This is THE most common reason for absence from the workplace and the most common work-related injuries seen by the family doctor and/or physiotherapists etc.

If these factors are not dealt with promptly and appropriately they can lead to significant time loss from the work-place and perhaps long term disabilities.

HSE (The Health and Safety Executive) estimates the cost to society of work-related injuries – which can and does lead to stress – is around £4 billion each year….13.5 million working days were lost to work-related injuries and stress in 2012-13.

It is not only the employers responsibility to provide safe working conditions for their workforce  but also the employee has to be aware and make appropriate postural changes in order to minimise and reduce musculoskeletal problems.

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) gently yet effectively brings your body back to balance and health.

I perform 23 gentle mobilities on the client which will correct an apparent leg-length difference due to poor posture…..which is THE most common cause of musculoskeletal problems ….leading to disorders such as migraines, fibromyalgia, IBS as well as the more obvious knee, hip, back and shoulder pain. Sometime this pain can be chronic and long lasting, requiring strong medication.  This in turn may  lead to other problems which could have otherwise been avoided. 

KCR has a profound effect on the human body and when performed it can bring the body back into balance and many existing physical/mental/emotional disabilities simply disappear.  Medication can be reduced and the client can return to work sooner than first anticipated.

I am a mobile therapist and I am available to give regular in-house (In-work)  treatments including KCR, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology to your employees which I know they,  and you will find invaluable to long term health and productivity.